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Product Name: dysprosium nitride
CAS No: 12019-88-4
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Inorganic salts
Product spec: 99.99%,-100mesh
Packing: 1kg/bag,2kg/bag
Post Time: 2018-10-22
Description: Product Name:Dysprosium Nitride Place of Origin:Hebei,China Brand Name:LEDPHOR CAS No.:12019-88-4 Molecular Formula:DyN Formula Weight:176.51g/mol Appearance:Gray powder Particle Size:-100mesh ICP Major Analysis(Confirms Dysprosium Component):Confirmed TREN(Total Rare Earth Nitride):99.5% Purity:99.99% Based on TREN Stability:Instability Conditions Contributing to Unstability:Stable in N2/Ar at room temperature, but in the air it is easy to be oxidized, and high humidity or moist air causes hydrolysis and formation of Dy(OH)3 and ammonia Incompatibility (materials to be avoided):Water,Steam, Moisture, Vapors and Acids Hazardous Decomposition Products:Ammonia gas,Dysprosium hydroxide,Dysprosium oxide Radioactive:None Storage Method:In glove box which fill with N2/Ar
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